It's a website!

So this is my personal site. There's not much to this post because I'm short on time. My main motiviation for this site is to have an outlet for my thoughts, ideas, opinions, and internet studies.

Obviously, there's a way to go on the blog app that powers this post. Like I'm missing:

  • authorship (reedybear!)
  • date posted / last update (nov 10th, 2021 fyi)
  • breadcrumbs (to link back to the parent category)

But this is progress & I'm happy for it.

In the near future (next week or two), I'm planning to take a break from my public life - at least locally. I might still be on Twitter sometimes. Idunno. Might make blog posts & share them. I'm just ... not gonna do anything for anyone else for like a month - except close friends & family as needed.

I'm excited because I'll be able to work on this website & my free & open source software & maybe make a monetized product on the web (I have some ideas!), so I can make a lil money.

It will be a huge relief to just focus on my stuff & my personal life. Not go to meetings or speak at city council or whatever else I get myself into.